Learn How To Mount A Whitetail Deer By Shawn Dawson

Mounting A Whitetail Deer

Can’t attend Shawn’s one-on-one taxidermy workshop just yet? We still have a way you can get your feet wet! While there’s no substitute for one-on-one instruction, you can pick up some valuable tips, tricks and techniques by watching this deer mounting video, now available for purchase! This video shows a portion of what a student receives from Shawn’s courses: in-depth instruction by demonstration. See Shawn take a whitetail shoulder mount from form to completion. Glean valuable tips to make your own mounts look more realistic and natural. Then consider contacting Shawn and signing up for a workshop.

You’ll Walk Away With

  • Preparing your mannikin and cape
  • How to set the eyes
  • How to mount your whitetail deer

Watch as Shawn Dawson demonstrates how to mount a white tail deer starting with a tanned cape. Shawn shares his expert techniques in easy to follow steps. From preparing the cape and the mannikin, setting the eyes and mounting up the deer. He even goes over one of his techniques for finishing the back of the wall pedestal. Over 2 hours of in depth information.

Can I Give You A Bonus?

Along with your purchase, you will also receive my whitetail finishing video free”!

“Over 45 minutes of my finishing techniques, including epoxy work, airbrushing and much more!”

Get Access To Shawn’s Whitetail Deer Training For Only $24.95

Over 120 Minutes Of Expert Advice And Training

BONUS: Whitetail Finishing Video (Over 45 Minutes Of Training)

A One-Time Payment Of $24.95 Gives You Lifetime Access To All Updates

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