Taxidermy is an art, there’s no question about it. Even so, there’s much more than meets the eye. The tradition of taxidermy is one that dates back many years and as technology has advanced, we’re now able to communicate like never before. Learning taxidermy can be fun, insightful and educational. If you want to learn taxidermy and everything it takes to be a master taxidermist, then Shawn Dawson’s Taxidermy Workshop is what you need.

Learning Taxidermy From Shawn Dawson

Award-winning taxidermist Shawn Dawson is one of the most decorated taxidermist in the country. He’s one of the most respected taxidermy trainers also. Here’s a few of the reasons why men and women choose to learn from Shawn Dawson.

  • National Taxidermy Association Award of Excellence – Certified by the National Taxidermy Association
  • Advanced Gamehead Training Class conducted by world champion taxidermist Joe Meder
  • One-on-One Advanced Gamehead course with world champion Tom Weickum
  • Museum work for Grand Arts Museum, Kansas City, MO
  • Certified Judge – National Taxidermy Association Since 2009 

One-On-One Attention And Training

One of the most important reasons why people choose Shawn’s taxidermy workshop is due to the one-on-one taxidermy training. Hundreds have graduated from Shawn’s workshops and this is the one constant thing we’re told when we asked what they liked most about the taxidermy courses. They appreciated the fact that Shawn would take the time to help them one-on-one. Shawn really likes this method of training and this is why he limits the amount of people that can sign up for his workshops.


Another popular reason for choosing his taxidermy courses is Shawn’s experience in competitions. Shawn has been participating in taxidermy competition for decades. On top of that, he’s been a taxidermy competition judge since 2009. With this experience, Shawn knows exactly what is expected from any competing specimen and he teaches you this in his courses. If your goal is to enter taxidermy competition, the education you’ll get is priceless.

3 Taxidermy Courses

At this time, Shawn has 3 different taxidermy courses you can choose from.

For Beginners And Advanced Taxidermists

Shawn wanted to be clear that his courses are for beginners and advanced taxidermists. Shawn’s able to provide training to both because his commitment to work with you one-on-one. It doesn’t matter what experience level you have, Shawn’s taxidermy training is going to give you new skills to work with and you’ll walk away with a lifetime of knowledge.

With 18 years of experience, Shawn is one of the most experienced taxidermy teachers in the country. You can learn more about Shawn right here.

For complete details, you can reach him at (406) 452-8500 or use his contact form.

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