Taxidermy Starter Kit


No taxidermy specimen can be complete without the right taxidermy supplies. Our Taxidermy Starter Kit is perfect for those of you learning taxidermy. This kit is for beginning taxidermist.

It includes all the items listed below.

When you first start out, you likely don’t know which taxidermy tools you’ll need. Taxidermy expert Shawn Dawson hand selected this starter kit so you don’t have to spend countless hours researching all the taxidermy supplies you’ll need for your project.

Here’s What You Get

(1) Large Calipers
(1) Package #11 scalpel blades with handle
(1) Package #22 scalpel blades with handle
(1) Box straight edge razor blades
(1) Plastic measuring tape- 5 ft.
(1) Caping and skinning knife
(1) Assorted pack of sewing needles- 45 ct.
(1) “S” Needle (1) Spool cape thread
(1) Spool sewing thread
(1) Kit assorted modeling tools
(1) Lip Tucking Tool
(1) Kit assorted artist brushes
(1) 5 lb. box Critter Clay
(1) 5 lb. box Potter’s Clay
(1) sm. kit Apoxie Sculpt, natural
(1) sm. kit Apoxie Sculpt, brown
(1) sm. kit Apoxie Sculpt, black
(1) EZ Nose Applicator, for rebuilding texture on nose pad
(1) Bottle Mod Podge, gloss medium, 16.oz.
(1) Can of Spray Gloss, 12.oz.
(1) Pair Scissors
(1) Stout Ruffer
(1) Slim Ruffer
(1) Sure Form Rasp
(1) 8″ Level
(1) Box Chopped Fiberglass, 5 lbs.
(1) Black Sharpie
(1) Grooming Brush
(1) Brass Bristled tooth brush
(1) Lip Slot cutting tool
(1) package 2″ T-Pins
(1) package 1″ Bank Pins
(1) Hide Adjusting Tool
(1) Ear Opener Tool
(1) Brass Caliper, for measuring eye size
(1) Compact Flashlight LED
(1) Medium Sized Tool Box, to hold all supplies


Shawn’s Taxidermy Starter Kit is priced at $550.00

To order his hand-selected taxidermy kit, please call (406) 452-8500 or use our contact form.

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