In our learning Taxidermy mini-course, we’ve been discussing taxidermy and everything about it.

For anyone of you that are new, you may be asking, what is taxidermy?

Taxidermy defined, it’s a noun.


Taxidermy definitionthe art of preparing and preserving the skins of animals and of stuffing and mounting them in lifelike form.


It’s an art that has been around for many years.

Did you know that taxidermy has origins that date back to the early 1800s in Greek? That would be correct.

Taxidermy refers to derm and derma, both representing “skin.”


There’s a few different words that would be included in the same taxidermy definition. These include;

  • Taxidermal
  • Taxidermic
  • Taxidermist


Origin: from Greek taxis arrangement + -dermy, from Greek derma skin

Definition from 1820: from Greek taxis “arrangement,” from tassein “arrange”

Today, most of us recognize the definition of taxidermy and what it represents in the modern age.

Taxidermy is popular in America and many hunters want to keep memories of their hunt.

The deer skull is among the most common taxidermy pieces built in the U.S. Deer hunting is very popular in the states.

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