For those of you wanting to become a taxidermist, taxidermy school is going to play an important role in your career. Taxidermy school is going to be a crucial step in your development to become a taxidermy expert.

Schools for taxidermy can differ from one location to the next. There’s thousands of taxidermy schools all across the country, you have to do your research to find the right school for you. You’ll want to make sure you know the course outlines for that particular school.  You should consider reviewing the taxidermy instructors from the schools you’re considering too.

If you’re serious about becoming a taxidermist or learning the art of taxidermy, your teacher is going to be an impact on your career. You want taxidermy teachers that have a high level of experience. This is exactly why students seek out taxidermist Shawn Dawson.

Shawn is one of the most experienced taxidermy instructors in the country. Shawn has nearly 2 decades of experience, operates a successful taxidermist business and has been an official taxidermy competition judge for years. Shawn knows and understands taxidermy from a beginner level to a competition level, so his taxidermy workshops are for all students no matter what level of experience you may have.

On top of that, Shawn has won many taxidermy awards over his 18 year career.

  • 18 years of experience
  • Recipient – National Taxidermy Association Award of Excellence
  • Certified by the National Taxidermy Association
  • Graduate – Northwest Iowa School of Taxidermy
  • Graduate – Advanced Gamehead Training Class conducted by world champion taxidermist Joe Meder
  • Graduate – One-on-One Advanced Gamehead course with world champion Tom Weickum
  • Museum work for Grand Arts Museum, Kansas City, MO
  • Member – Montana Taxidermy Association
  • Member – National Taxidermy Association
  • Member – Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation
  • Recipient of awards at several state and national taxidermy competitions


Taxidermy School Or Workshops – Which Is Right For Me?

A common question asked in the industry, “should I attend taxidermy school or take workshops?”

There’s some key differences between taxidermist school and taxidermy workshops. While some may think taxidermy school is the only form of learning that gives you a complete taxidermy education, that’s not completely accurate.

We’ll use Shawn’s taxidermy workshops as an example. With Shawn’s courses, you get one-on-one taxidermy training. It’s doubtful you’ll receive that kind of attention in school or a classroom setting. Some taxidermy schools have inexperienced instructors. Some schools have multiple instructors, this can make learning harder.

With Shawn, you get only one instructor and you get his 18 years of experience. His signature taxidermists course is specifically designed to help you learn taxidermy no matter what experience level you have.

Most importantly, Shawn’s workshops give you the same education level (if not more) you’d receive if you attended a taxidermy school. School can get expensive, Shawn’s workshops give you a more affordable option for taxidermy schooling.

Timberland Taxidermy is a Montana taxidermy company owned by expert taxidermist Shawn Dawson.

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