I often get questions about different taxidermy supplies, especially from the beginners. Truth of the matter, there’s a lot of supplies used for taxidermy and it’s easy to get confused. Really, there’s way too many to list. 

From ear liners or tongues to mounting supplies and safety, there’s a lot you have to consider before you start building a specimen. 

If you’re not sure what supplies you’ll need, don’t worry. If you have joined Shawn’s  taxidermy workshop, he’ll cover everything you need to know about the supplies you’ll need for your classes. 

In his workshops, you’ll be working on your own pieces. You get to take these home with you of course. 

Shawn is now offering a Starter Kit, this is all the taxidermy supplies you’ll need for his  Game Head Taxidermy Course.  

Supplies for taxidermy depend on what you’ll be working on. If you’re looking for taxidermy supplies to buy, try McKenzie or Research Mannikins.

For those of you just starting to learn taxidermy, you likely don’t know what you need. I’d recommend taking Shawn’s beginner course so you can start becoming familiar with the supplies you’ll need for taxidermy work. 

It’s tough learning taxidermy if you don’t get one-on-one time. I think a lot of us would agree with that. That’s exactly why Shawn works with you one-on-one so you get the time, experience and education you need to become a better taxidermist. 

Best part, his workshops are specifically designed for you, no matter if you’re a beginner who has no interest in competition or you’re an advanced taxidermist wanting to win competition awards. You get the one-on-one taxidermy training and he builds on the skills you already have. 

It makes no difference what level you’re on in your taxidermy experience, Shawn will work with you one-on-one to teach you what you need to know. 

You may be thinking, “well, that all sounds great, but why Shawn?” Valid question. 

Here’s the thing I want to point out. 

  1. While taxidermy school can teach you about taxidermy, they DON’T provide one-on-one training. 

  1. Due to this, you often learn more about what you don’t need to learn and less about the skills you really need. 

  1. Taxidermy school is EXPENSIVE. Trust me. Sure, there’s tuition but do you really need that added cost? 

  1. Shawn’s taxidermy courses are a fraction of the cost of taxidermy schools but equal the education experience you’ll receive.

  2. Few taxidermy instructors are experienced as Shawn. See for yourself

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